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  • Area Req
  • Investment Range
    10000 to 200000 NPR
  • Franchise Outlets
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"Thanks to SAHRUKH KHAN"

(The largest unique global e-Commerce & online classified advertisement company) 

The largest ,unique, revolutionary , B2B & B2C ,Online & off line Local to, global project. 

Our Main ambition is a happy world for all.

     There will be business, education, health & Many more opportunities for all over the world.


MR.TAHA (Engineering & MBA )owner,

15 years in business. May be he is the first ecommerce company owner in INDIA on 2007 -8.

We  are providing  our worldwide franchise opportunities.


We are associates of GOOGLE , Facebook etc .

 We  maintain quality  ,price  , timing . 

Advantages of  our Franchise partners-

Huge global earning opportunity.

Through our single e franchise you get authorization of our unlimited products & services for a vast area.

No space ,location & timing barrier & many more ,for details contact with us.



Company provides you  a chance  ,  grow business globally.

          As a big reseller    If you purchase our any  or some subscription plan for  online sales purpose or advertisement purpose in our website , as a  big reseller   company will provide you  our  free franchise  or Master Franchise.

Now if you   sales  your  purchased subscriptions in the market through your code , company refund your  amount of your investment.

Also that kind of  big reseller or user  company  provides free  franchise code for  our  unlimited products   & services for a vast area.

When any persons    purchase  our any products or services through the franchise code(discount coupon code) ,franchise  partner get  their  reference amount(commission) from us.

From   franchise  sales company share with  franchise 10%  to 30 % payout  monthly  wise ,in  your bank account.


There are three kinds of franchise –

1)Master Franchise-Global

2)Master Franchise


Franchise  price will be  increase   from the next week. Limited offer.

Global Master franchise , can recruit some  Master franchise , under  them.

&  earn extra difference commission.

Master franchise , can recruit some   franchise , under  them.

&  earn extra, difference commission .

There are different type of franchise model of TAHA UNIVERSAL.COM

Investment capacity required minimum  INR 50,000/ to Maximum 40 CR.




 Return on investment-


It depends as per franchise , Master franchise capacity.

Minumum  INR , 50K TO 5 Lcaks  per month can be earn .

Big investor can earn much more as per their capacity.




Through a single franchise ,you get  sales  authorization  of our 

   unlimited products & services for a very vast  area.

Master franchise should recruit  franchise under themself , from their sales you

 get commission , so there are a huge global earning opportunity for Master franchise.

  There are no hadeq & investment  of  purchase & operate anything , just promote & sales our all products & services ,& earn  huge money from a vast area & large customers.


You get   training and full support from company for your success .

Low investment of money ,time & regular operational  cost.

You are getting a readymade business.

Huge earning opportunity . Flexible Timing.

No Stock Maintenance.


 You can sale or transfer your franchise to others  at any price.

No Location Impact. No space barrier.

Online monthly payment in your bank account.

India is the top growing e commerce country in the world.


 In 2020 e commerce grow  $1 trillion in Asia pacific.


Our Master franchise -Global, can recruit  limited  Master franchise  under them , if  recruited Master franchise’s commission structure is low from master franchise -Global , they get  only difference commission from the recruited  master franchise ’s sales.

 Master Franchise :

Master Franchise  , can sales our all products & services & get commission as per  agreement , as per slab wise.

 Also Master Franchise , can recruit  authorized  franchise under them , what will be      the  franchise  commission  ratio with them ,Master franchise  decide it .They get  only difference   commission from the recruited franchise sales.

Franchise : what will be the Franchise commission  ratio that also  Master  franchise , can decide , but they get authorization from TAHA UNIVERSAL .COM only.

All time you get full support from us ,for your success.

 If you are interested for MASTER FRANCHISE  or  FRANCHISE contact with us .

 Limited offer.




Investment Details

Commenced Operations

Operations Commenced On 2016

Franchising / Distribution Commenced On 2018

Franchise Details

Area - NA -

Investment 10000 to 200000 NPR

Franchise/Brand Fee 25000

Royalty/Commission 20

Master / Multi Units

Region Wise

Investment - NA -

Unit Fee - NA -

Master Fee - NA -

Commission - NA -

State Wise

Investment Up To NPR 50,000

Unit/Brand Fee 25000.0000

Master/Brand Fee 100000.0000

Royalty/Commission 10

City Wise

Investment - NA -

Unit/Brand Fee - NA -

Master/Brand Fee - NA -

Royalty/Commission - NA -

Expansion Locations

Gandaki, Karnali, Province No. 1, Province No. 2, Province No. 3, Province No. 5, Sudurpaschim

Franchise Details

Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchise No

Performance guarantee to unit franchisee No

Anticipated percentage return on investment 200

Likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise 2-11 Month

Other investment requirements yes

Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity - NA -

Floor area requirement - NA -

Preferred location of unit franchise outlet Any location ,any area.

Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees Yes

Franchisee training location online / offline any

Is field assistance available for franchisee? No

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise Yes

Current IT systems will be included in the franchise Yes

Agreement & Term Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement? Yes

How long is the franchise term for? 6-No Year

Is the term renewable? Yes

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