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Jun, 06 2019

Business Opportunities That Lie in Nepal

There lies a tremendous opportunity to cater to the growing number of travelers, flocking in Nepal every year. Read on...

Business Opportunities That Lie in Nepal

The major advantage of investing in Nepal is that the country sits in a very important location, where one can leverage from two major business powers, India and China. In order to get the best of both powerful countries, Nepal is opening its doors for the investors, franchise owners to start their franchise units.

What business opportunities lie in Nepal?

Franchise Business Opportunities

According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), cited in Airbnb’s report, countries with emerging economies had about 3% more growth in international tourist arrivals than did advanced economies in 2018. The UNWTO predicts that Ecuador, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, and Nepal had the fastest growth in arrivals for 2018.

There lies a tremendous opportunity for the hotel franchises, restaurant franchises, handicraft franchises and real estate franchises to cater to the growing number of travelers, flocking in Nepal every year.

Small Business Opportunities

Recently Nepal was hit by the major earthquake, which washed away a lot of lives, uprooted local businesses and disturbed the daily lives majorly. But Nepal has bravely overcome the disaster and is all prepared to handle future challenges in a better way.

Nepal is also a home for aspiring small businessmen and entrepreneurs, who have great knowledge about the locality and their needs. So those who want to expand their franchise footprint across the border or looking forward to a hungry market to start your business idea, it is a good opportunity to start in Nepal with the local people, who will take the business to another level.

Franchisee Opportunities

One, who wants to take franchisees of any Indian brand, has to do a little research and leg work to find out which all brands are popular in Nepal or what all brands are the people looking forward to buying from in their locality. Based on that he/she can look for the franchise options, the company is offering and pick as per your convenience.

The popular brand has its advantage on your business upon starting your own business; you get to leverage the brand value.

Investors Opportunities

There are people who have interesting and unique ideas, but due to a shortage of fund or proper resources are hanging loose. Also, there are investors, who are looking to invest their money in an idea worth investing in.

To give these ideas, the proper directions and attract investors, Franchise Expo Nepal-India is a good platform, where one can meet the investors and startups to know each others’ requirements.

Thus both can help each other in building a business empire in Nepal and inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs in the future.


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