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Jun, 07 2019

Essential Yoga Practices To Include In A Yoga Business In Nepal

Nepal’s wellness industry is still in its evolving phase that holds good and beneficial business opportunities for investors.

Essential Yoga Practices To Include In A Yoga Business In Nepal

The impact of the health and wellness trend is no more a limited topic. It has revolutionized several segments throughout the world that has now been impacting the Asian regions. Nepal is one such region where the wellness business scenario is still in its initial phase that needs sudden transformation.

While having many wellness business ideas existing in the current time, wellness franchisors/entrepreneurs could pick one segment that suits their vision and passion, later converting it into a career option. While many opportunities lying in the segment, starting a yoga studio business in this initial phase could be the right decision.

Listed below are a few yoga practices that entrepreneurs/franchisors could introduce while setting up their yoga studio business.

Ashtanga Yoga

Listing ashtanga yoga as one of the offerings in your yoga studio business can be a great step while setting up your business in Nepal. As this practice is directed towards creating purifying heat within the body, the introduction of ashtanga yoga classes at your venture can emerge as a sure shot procedure for melting fat, reducing stress, and increasing focus.

Verbal cues along with alignment techniques are required in order to master this practice. You could nurture healthy lifestyles among the local and tourist population that mostly exist in the region.

Hatha Yoga

It is one of the oldest forms of yoga available in Indian history. Hatha yoga is designed in order to promote calmness along with peaceful mind and good health among the people. While some of the lessons are based on shoulder movements, whereas, others are focused on relaxing the back muscles or stretching the tight hamstrings.

Thus you could offer serenity, bliss, and peace via introducing hatha yoga classes at your venture.

Yoga Philosophy

The theoretical aspect of yoga is something that most of us have never thought of. But it is equally important and essential for budding a healthier and happier lifestyle among both teachers and learners. You could opt to take the class beneath the clear sky, talking about what exactly yoga is all about along with its beneficiaries.

Share knowledge about the yoga pillars, usages, and styles that can help a person to understand yoga to the fullest. One might not find it necessary to introduce this at his/her yoga venture, but it’s certainly very important where every theoretical aspect of yoga is talked about, understanding and learning its importance.    



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