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Jun, 06 2019

Five Big Bang Agriculture Business Ideas in Nepal

As per reports, agriculture employs more than 70% of the workforce in Nepal. This suggests that Nepal could be one of the most viable locations to start off with agriculture-based businesses

Five Big Bang Agriculture Business Ideas in Nepal

Due to the uncertain political scenario of Nepal, the country had witnessed a constant decline in the economic growth for a long stretch of time. But in a past few years, the country has gradually worked out on its economic conditions towards a positive way.

With a vivid range of flora and fauna in the country, Nepal boasts about its agricultural assets before the world, and hence entices the players of agriculture biz to the country.

As per reports, agriculture employs more than 70% of the workforce in Nepal. This suggests that Nepal could be one of the most viable locations to start off with agriculture-based businesses. 

In this article, we shall present five agriculture business ideas that could really create a big bang in the economy of Nepal.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a class of agriculture that deals with the production of milk, either on a farm or at a dairy plant, for sale of a dairy product. According to statistics, there are 7.2 million head of cattle and 5.4 million head of buffalos in Nepal.

Due to the wide range of dairy cows and buffalos in the country, dairy farming becomes a lucrative business opportunity for people who are involved in dairy farms.

The investment required for setting up a dairy business depends upon the capacity and the cost of cows/buffalos and the shed cost. Let’s say, the total investment needed for 10 cows could be INR 10 lac (if the cost of one cow is INR 70,000 and shed cost is INR 3 lac).

Crop Farming

Nepal is landlocked between two most populous countries, India and China, and is a land of the highest peaks of the world Mount Everest. Having covered with snow in the northern Himalayan range, the southern range of Nepal is a gangetic plain of alluvial soil, which is known to be one of the most fertile soils. This soil paves the way for effective crop farming in the country. The farmers could grow crops like rice, wheat, millet, barley, coffee and others for self-sufficiency and for trading.

Poultry Farming

In Nepal, there is a dominance of non-vegetarians over vegetarians. Most of the people in Nepal prefer non-vegetarian food products, mainly chicken. Therefore, poultry farming becomes a favorable business idea in the field of agriculture.

A poultry farm provided with proper care, balanced diet and regularly vaccinated hens could be a good business in Nepal. All of this could cost around INR 5-7 lacs for thousand chickens (including the cost of chickens, vaccinations, feeding etc.)

Organic Farming

Due to the abundance of fertile land in Nepal, farming in Nepal has been focusing on sustainable agricultural practices that are environment friendly. This makes Nepal a forthcoming place to start off with organic farming business. Organic agriculture is now trending across the world, and Nepal could be one of those places that could support this trend.

Organic farming could also open doors for Nepal to mark its presence worldwide because of its naturally organic agricultural land.

Horticulture Business

Horticulture is the area of agriculture that involves the science of growing and caring for plants to carry out various human purposes such as repairing the environment and personal aesthetics. Horticulture has become a very popular activity in the field of agriculture and Nepal becomes a breeding ground for this business due to its diverse range of flora. A horticulture business has a long way to go in Nepal.


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