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Jun, 07 2019

How to Start Your Own Yoga Business in Nepal

Nepal has reformed yoga in its own way, and now Yoga has become an essential part of Nepal’s culture too. Read on....

How to Start Your Own Yoga Business in Nepal

Nepal is known for its spirituality as there are different religions co-existing in the country, making it a secular nation. Having India as a neighboring country, Nepal has a strong influence of the Hindu religion, culture and spirituality that India persist in India. 

Talking about the influence of Indian culture and spirituality, yoga—an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India and has the power to heal diseases and illnesses at all the levels—is taking the world by storm, and Nepal is no exception. Rather, Nepal has adopted yoga in a way that it has become an essential part of Nepal’s culture too.

Nepal’s yoga industry is speedily moving ahead, giving opportunities to yoga teachers to start their own business ventures in this field. Here are five tips for starting your own yoga business in Nepal.

Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is always essential irrespective of the business type. Before creating a business plan, find out how much working capital it will require to run a studio successfully for at least few months in its initial phase.

Your business plan must also include the current rates and charges of yoga classes. The charges of your classes must be in accordance with the area; the charges in the urban area might be higher than that in rural areas.

While starting your brick and mortar business, the plan must include the rent and utility expenses and finances for managing the staff. In case it is an online venture, you could save these expenses.

Build a Strong Customer Base

Every business runs successfully because of its strong customer base. In a yoga studio, to build a strong customer base, you have to be true to your customers and be loyal with them. The happiness of your customers must be your sole objective. For this you have to understand the needs and demands of every customer that comes to your place. You could also find out your best marketing tactics by knowing what your customers really want. For instance, free hours, fees deduction, giving stress on a particular asana for a few weeks, etc are some of the marketing tactics you could apply. So, keeping your customers happy by addressing their needs of mind and body, becomes an essential part of building a strong customer base.

Deciding a Niche

Having around 84asanasthat can heal uncountable diseases, yoga has so much to offer to an individual. This suggests that there could be more specific niches that could be offered to an individual in a yoga studio. For instance, Kundalini yoga, Iyenger, Vinyasa, Asthanga and many more, could be taken up specifically for starting a business. Deciding a niche is beneficial as it makes the business more specific and attracts more customers.

Find a Perfect Location

The location of the yoga studio plays a crucial role in its success. A yoga studio should be at a place where the air is fresh along with natural scening beauty.

In a country like Nepal, which has so much natural beauty and clean, fresh air, , is an ideal setting for yoga class cannot be difficult to find.