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Jun, 07 2019

Some of the Best Business Ideas in Nepal

There are various businesses that have flourished in Nepal and provide entrepreneurs, investors and consumers a vibrant market to explore. Read on....

Some of the Best Business Ideas in Nepal

Amidst all the uncertainty in the political scenarios and being an agriculture-dependent nation, Nepal’s economic development had seen a rough time during its initial phase. However, as the country became a democratic republic nation, the economy of Nepal has made significant progress and has given its share in sustainable economic growth of the nation.

There are various businesses that have flourished in Nepal and provide entrepreneurs, investors and consumers a vibrant market to explore. If you are interested to start a business or to invest your money on a business idea, then read on this article as here we provide you with a list of some of the best business ideas to start in Nepal.

Automobile Business

The automobile technology is at a very nascent stage in Nepal as most of the Nepalese didn’t own cars for a long time. But the scenario has changed in the past few years. According to statistics, the trend of buying vehicles in Nepal has significantly been increasing. This has paved the way for increasing demand in the automobile industry of Nepal.

It is reported that a huge number of vehicles and spare parts worth 25.4 billion were imported in Nepal due to the increasing demand of automobile. Therefore, starting an automobile business is a profitable business option in Nepal.

Beauty Business

Being beautiful and charming has always been the main concerns of people across the world. Despite being a less developed country, people of Nepal are crazy about maintaining their beauty and wellness. Rising consumer awareness, changing lifestyles, increasing disposable income and health and environment concerns are fuelling the beauty industry of Nepal. Due to all the above factors, chemical-based cosmetics as well as natural and organic market, all of these are witnessing a significant growth in the market.

Food and Beverage business

The authentic pahadi food and beverages of Nepal are gaining a lot of popularity, not just in Nepal but also across the world. Being one of the fastest growing sectors of Nepal’s economy, the Nepali food and beverage industry has witnessed a sudden rise, expanding itself to almost every corner of the country.

As it is a recession proof business idea, people are quitting their jobs to venture into F&B industry realizing the growth of the sector. Therefore, starting an F&B business is a profitable business venture that could be started in Nepal.

Tourism Business

The country is the home to the gigantic Himalayan ranges, with an abundance of natural beauty, bio-diversity, ethnic and cultural diversity, and has many more things to explore. The scenic beauty of Nepal has always captivated tourists from all around the world. As per the reports, the tourist arrival has grown from just over 6,000 in 1962 to 1 million by the year 2018. Therefore, the tourism industry is booming like anything in Nepal. New tourism businesses are flourishing and the country has become more open towards investors and entrepreneurs from all across the world to invest in the nation’s tourism.

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