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Jun, 07 2019

Top 10 Wellness Business To Start in Nepal

While investors are keen to invest their money on this country, here are the top 10 wellness businesses in Nepal that could be lucrative to start in the country.

Top 10 Wellness Business To Start in Nepal

The global wellness industry has recently been estimated to be worth $4.2 trillion at a CAGR of 12.8%, which seems to be a huge number. As more and more people are incorporating wellness in their lifestyle, the wellness sector witnesses a booming growth in almost every country.

Nepal, a South Asian nation landlocked with the world’s two fastest growing economies, India and China, is emerging as a big wellness industry. While investors are keen to invest their money in this country, here are the top 10 wellness businesses in Nepal that could be lucrative to start in the country.

#1 Yoga Centre

Being a neighboring country to the motherland of Yoga, Nepal could be a viable destination to start a business in Yoga. The fresh air of Nepal could be an add-on to attract customers in your yoga centre.

#2 Spa

Opening independent spas have become a new trend in Nepal. With the rise in the purchasing power of the consumers in the country, spas are no longer a luxury to middle-class customers as well, hence raising the demand in the industry.


In order to keep updated with beauty and fashion trends, people of Nepal are very much interested in spending big bucks on salons. People like to pamper themselves with different kinds of services such as massage, haircut, hair colour, waxing etc. Salon business is a very lucrative business idea as it has a variety of services to offer. 


The land of the great Mount Everest, Nepal consists of various mesmerizing places, which attract a large number of tourists every year. According to recent reports, the tourism industry of Nepal has pumped more than Rs 170 billion in the economy.  Therefore, a travel agency could be a quite lucrative business opportunity in Nepal.

#5 Alternative healing

There is an increasing demand for alternative healing techniques across the world. Alternative healing has a longer effect on the health and that too without any side-effects. Nepal is known to be one of the best locations to go for holistic healing. Therefore, you could start a holistic healing business in Nepal.

#6 Organic farming

Due to the abundance of fertile land in Nepal, farming in Nepal has been focusing on sustainable agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly. This makes Nepal a forthcoming place to start off with an organic farming business.

#7 Horticulture

Horticulture has become a very popular activity in the field of agriculture and Nepal becomes a breeding ground for this business due to its diverse range of flora. It could be a good option to start off with a business.

#8 Restaurant Business

Nepalese cuisine ranges from authentic Nepali food such as Dal-Bhat-Tarkari to hybrid foods of Tibetan, Indian and Thai origin. A restaurant business could be a rewarding business in Nepal due to the ethnicity and cultural diversity of food.

#9 Natural Beauty Products

Nepal is among one of the greenest countries of the world and is known to have a variety of flora. The natural beauty of Nepal paves the way for the best business ideas in natural beauty products.

#10 Retreat centre

The mesmerizing beauty of Nepal could act as a retreat for most of the tourists as well as for natives. To help people escape from the chaos of the world, one could start a retreat centre in Nepal. It could do really well because of increasing lifestyle diseases and busy schedules of people all over the world.



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