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Jun, 07 2019

Wellness Franchise Business Ideas for Women in Nepal

If being a woman is restricting you from starting a business, think twice! Here are top 5 wellness business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Nepal.

Wellness Franchise Business Ideas for Women in Nepal

Women in business have become a very common phenomenon because women are actively taking part in taking command over their life by stepping out and owning businesses.
Wellness, fashion, and education are some of the categories which have witnessed major domination from the women side.

Nepal also has a good share of women who are not just interested but want to rise and shine in the business they run. Hence here are the top 5 Wellness Business Opportunities for Women in Nepal:

Grooming Academy Franchise:

Getting a job without proper skills have become very difficult and Nepal has a population of youth that is in search of a job but does not have proper skills.

When there is youth graduating every year and looking forward to jobs, they require certain experience or at least a skill which can help them fetch a job in Nepal or any country. By opening a renowned grooming academy franchise such as Frankfinn or other hotel management franchises, you can help build a strong workforce, who will work for the country.

Spa Franchise:

The rise in disposable income and the craving to live a luxury lifestyle has paved the way for the spa business in any place. If you are looking forward to taking up a franchisee that is profitable then you should research for the renowned Indian spa franchise brands that want to expand in Nepal. This will help in narrowing down your options that will fit into your budget and you can start your spa franchise business in Nepal.

Salon franchise:

Salon has become the basic need for the youth for their daily, weekly or monthly ritual to maintain their body. Salons like Lakme, Looks Salon, Jawed Habib or Shahnaz Hussain, who have made their successful journey into the Top Franchise 100 Brands listing also offer franchise opportunities.

Based on your requirements and the amount of investment you can make, one can start looking for the salon franchise which fits in their pocket and to which they can run gracefully & make a success out of it.

Fitness Centre Franchise

Fitness is not a lifestyle anymore; it has become the way of life for the youth and adults as well. Due to the constant change of weather effects, the rise in pollution and all day sitting job, people tend to find their fitness dose from the fitness centers in their locality. Hence there has been a rise in fitness centers demand as well as the opening of franchises in every part of the country.

If you think women cannot run a fitness center franchise, you must be living under the rock because more than men, women are ruling this market running both unisex and women only gyms around the globe. Fitness centers like Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness and Talwalkar’s to name a few are providing franchise options.

Pet Care Franchise

Keeping pet is no longer a thing of luxury, it has become therapeutic, so old age population, young generation want personal therapy for their psychologies so keeping a pet has become a lifestyle. When there are pets, there will be demand for brands that can take care of them as well as trustworthy.

Hence if you think you can run a pet care business, then it is the most profitable in today’s time. Brands like Bonbeno and Mad About Dogs have proved their mantle in India and are in an expansion spree, one can take up their franchises to start their business in Nepal.

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